Sway Calloway Weighs in on Doc ThaMADMan’s new music

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Doc ThaMADMan | Get in the Game | Sway In The Morning | Shade45 SiriusXM | Channel 45

Sway Calloway

Sway in the Morning

Sway hosts a weekday morning show on Eminem's Shade 45 channel on SiriusXM! “Sway in the Morning” launched on Monday, July 18, 2011 on Shade 45 (SiriusXMchannel 45) and airs Monday-Friday from 8am-12 noon ET.

Sway’s legendary career has allowed him to open the door to some of today’s biggest acts on the Wake Up Show, like, Tupac, Eminem and many more. Fast forward to current day, Sway and the squad are still holding the keys to the gate and featuring up-and-coming artists on Sway in the Morning who are hungry to get in the game.

Today, we meet Doc ThaMADMan, a hyena from Las Vegas, Nevada who’s laced up — should he get in the game or sit on the bench? Catch his tracks, “Free Lunch” and “Sound of the Man” below and keep up with him on Twitter: @DocThaMadMan

Original Excerpt from swaysuniverse.com

So... How did we get here??

It was Wednesday, August 2, 2017 1:00am, Doc ThaMADMan & his manager headed over to Green Cloud Entertainment on Broadway Ave in Lorain Ohio to finish up the mixing for the second single to be released from the upcoming New School DropOUT album, Sound of the Man, a remake of a 90's original done by Doc ThaMADMan's father, Doc Rock (of Knight's Society). By 3:00am the sound had been perfected so they headed back home, dead tired knowing they both had to get up for work in a few hours.

At 3:45am Doc & his manager sent an email off to submit 2 recently released songs to the Sway In The Morning Show, "Free Lunch" & "Sound of the Man". By 9:00am they got a phone call... "Doc ThaMADMan? I'm one of the producers for the Sway in the Morning Show. We're going to be playing both of your songs at 10:00 this morning on Get in the Game..."  Get in the Game is a platform on the Sway in the Morning show which allows unknown artists to have a song played on a nationally aired XM station known as Shade45. 

10:00am the call in interview started and it's all history from there. Be sure to listen to the full interview.

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