Doc ThaMADMan Bio

While he’s had very few projects released since beginning his journey in building his music archives, Doc ThaMADMan brings an interesting twist to Hip Hop and music in general. The Las Vegas native brings together his detailed artistic ability in drawing, his crazy imagination in writing, and his distinct ear for music to create a Hip Hop Comic book character, named ThaMADMan. The twist lies where Doc is the character in ThaMADMan comics, while ThaMADMan comic book character is Doc on stage. His style in music mixes Hip Hop in all it’s elements with a superhero-esque approach.

Doc ThaMADMan comes from a very musical family, being the oldest son of former rapper Doc Rock who debuted in 1995 with the Knight Society album. While his father didn’t quite get the respect and the opportunity to shine like he deserved, Doc ThaMADMan seeks to follow in those footsteps and pick up where his father left off.

Over the years, he’s opened shows for the likes of Ludacris, Usher, Da Mafia 6, Dub-O & Tezo, MGK, and Bone Thugs N Harmony among other major acts. His showmanship was embedded in him at a young age, making him more than just a very lyrically skilled rapper, but also an entertainer.

His most recent projects include an EP available on SoundCloud called, ‘Hope You Like It’, and the coming of the first edition of ‘ThaMADMan: The Coming Storm’ Comic Book. He is also currently preparing to release his first major music project called, ‘The New School DropOUT’, an LP consisting of an intricate and twisted approach to expressing his views of hip hop while introducing himself with a dropout approach to today’s music scene.